Talented Personalities of Music Industry

We all know that the music industry is the place where lots of people came daily to show their talent and to earn the success, but due to such tough competition, it is really hard for each and every person to show their talent. Before 10 years ago people were going to the music studios and do some stage performances to show their talent, but nowadays because of the internet people can easily show their talent. We can see there are various videos on the internet in which people are singing, dancing or other things to prove themselves. But the talented person always shines like a sun. Nobody can defeat that person. So, today we are going to discuss such talented personalities whose hard work gives a sunshine to the world. So let’s begin the journey. The first person on the list is Que Peller whose original name is Abisoye Abiola Peller. He is the son of a late professor Abiola Peller. Well, he is an artist, singer, songwriter, and performer. His father was a great magician. You can enjoy Que Peller Songs on the internet or check out his cute picture.



The second person on the list is Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua has professionally also known as Seyi Shay. Well, she is also a Nigerian based singer and songwriter. She wrote many songs for various games as well. She completed her schooling in Nigeria and graduation in London. Her interest in music was influenced by his family members and she started working for it. Her late mother and her sister were used to composing music and his brother was working as a radio jockey. In her childhood days, she was used to singing in their school and various parties. You can enjoy Seyi Shay Songs with your friends and enjoy your party.



The third name on our list is Juma Nature He is a Tanzanian hip hop artist and vocalist. He is the founder member of a Temeke group. It is a group of rappers from the poor side of door Es Salaam. He is most famous in Tanzania. He wrote many songs and sing as well. He works hard for his success and earns the fame and love from the public. He also nominates for various music awards at various places. You can enjoy Juma Nature Songs on your phone or download it from your website.

The last name on our list is another Tanzanian recording artist, singer, and songwriter known as Ali Saleh Kiba. He is better known by under his stage name Ali Kiba. In 2017 he became the director of Rockstar 4000 and in 2016 he signed a deal with Sony Music Entertainment. Now we can say that in future we’ll get amazing and memorable music by Ali. You can enjoy his best album Cinderella on YouTube. There is a list of Ali Kiba Songs you can choose your favorite and just meet the beat. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.


Secret Singers of Music Industry

We all know that every week there are many singers who create various songs and release it to entertain people like us. But few of them are really very special people who not only earn the money, but also earn the love and respect of people. Due to their immense contribution to the music industry, they are awarded various awards, certificates, and money. But few songs, create special moments in the history. Well, we have lots of such singers, but today we are going to discuss only a few singers who are not only talented but also creates such wonderful songs that not only entertain us but also creates a history. So the name of such well-known singer is Praise Ugbede Adejo also known as Praiz. Well, he is a Nigerian singer and producer. Praiz was born in Nigeria. He started his singing career in a talent show of Nigeria and become a second runner-up at a very young age. He also works on various TV shows. In 2010 he worked with various artists such as Awilo Longomba and Seyi Shay. In 2012, he released his hit single song titled “Rich and Famous” and due to that he also nominated for various awards. You can enjoy Praiz Songs on the internet and try to match his beats. Well, it is true that hard work never fails.

Another singer is Anne Decatur Danielewski who is also known as Poe. Well, this name suits her and it’s easy to remember as well. She is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. She has different taste in music and her style is a rock, jazz, electronica, folk, and hip-hop. She has more online fans and she gets immense lobe and fame from her fans due to his contribution to the music industry. You can watch out Poe Songs on YouTube or other websites. In 2004 she co-founded the digital innovation agency with John Gheur. She now also works hard and never fails to entertain all of us. We just need to give such support and love forever.

Well, Selebobo Songs are available on the internet, but his profile not because he doesn’t like to meet with media and to share something personal things to his fans. But we request him to share his glimpse moments so his fan can know more about him. So now let’s move to our last name and it is another Nigerian hip hop rapper and songwriter Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf are also known as CDQ. It is really good that all such singers have their nickname, otherwise, it is difficult to remember such long names and no one can do that such easily. Well, there are lots of CDQ Songs are there to make your party amazing. So enjoy with your friends.


As we discuss above all the stars have to work hard to get such fame and love in the music industry. We just hope that in future also we get such amazing artists and music industry helps them.

Radio Winner Singers of Music Industry

The music is part of our daily life and we get such amazing songs due to the hard work of our artists in the music industry. We all know that there are various people are working on a single song and we admire those people. Well, our music industry has lots of singers who have versatile personality and amazing talent. We respect all of them, but today we are going to discuss few people only because if it is not possible to write about each and every singer. We have to write articles, not a book. Yes, if whenever we write a book it takes time to write about famous stars and its personalities. So today we are going to talk about four singers that are really important. So let’s begin the list with most famous singer Wilson Abubakar Radido who is also known as Willy Paul. He is an award-winning Contemporary Chrisitan Music artist and songwriter from Kenya. He is also the CEO of Saldido records. In 2010, he started his music career and released his first single song “Sitolia” that becomes a hit. You can enjoy Willy Paul Songs on your smartphone too.



The second name on our list is a musician and his name is Davis Kamoni Mathenge better known by his stage name Nameless or “Monski”. He is a Kenyan pop artist and started his career before 1999 through a starch search contest in a radio which he won. This was the turning point in his career and after that he got many chances to prove his talent and he gets success. He is regarded as one of the modern music pioneers in Kenya. You need to search on the internet for Nameless Songs and just watch it.



The third name on the list is Harrison Mungai Kimani who is also known as Harry Kimani. He is another Kenyan musician and composer. Well, for the music he left his school in 1999 and focused on his music. In 2000 he met a producer Maurice Oyando of Next Level Productions and he assists him for few years. He also released his first sing-song “African Women” that began to receive airplay on several radio stations in Kenya. In the past 18 years, he released several songs and all of them are hits. You can watch and download Harry Kimani Songs from the internet and enjoy with it your friends.



The last but not the least is a Ghanaian hip hop recording artist and entrepreneur known as Michal Owusu Addo. His fans called him Sarkodie. In the ceremony of 2012 BET Awards he won the Best International Act Award for his music. He started rapping at a very young age and continued throughout his educational career. He began his career in radio through a rap competition and after that, he got a chance to release his first song. Between the year 2009-2012, he released several single hit songs and albums that are still memorable for many of us. You can still play Sarkodie Songs at your party.

Contribution of Well-Known Singers to Music industry

We can say that our music industry is full of versatile personality. There are so many people who work hard and create wonderful memories for all of us. We only see the singers, but there is the whole technical team who provide a great support to our singers so they can sing for us. In my opinion behind every successful person, there is a large team who believes that person and keep faith in them. Well, there are lots of people who work hard and now create a path for others. Well, we cannot say that they are legendary singers, but they are definitely respectable because they are still entertaining us with their music. We cannot write about everyone, but with the help of singers, we can thank other people as well. So let’s begin our journey with the singers. The first person on our list is drama and his songs are really amazing. Well, his personality is quite secret for his fans as well, but you can enjoy Dremo Songs on your smartphone or watch albums. Well, we just hope that he reveals something about him and satisfied his fans. So now it’s better to get more information as soon as possible.



Another name in our list is Ichaba and his original name is Mayowa Olusanya. He is fast rising Nigerian singer and songwriter. Currently, he is working with Appe Music Entertainment. He made his first appearance on his friend Dremo’s his song titled  “Normal Levelz”. You can find Ichaba Songs on the internet. Well, in future, he is going to work on new projects so we hope that we’ll get some memorable and beautiful songs. We just hope that the music industry has always supported such people who always want to create something new and contribute to others. It is hard to believe, but few people just do their work and never as anything. So now let’s move forward and know something more about our other celebrity Burna Boy.



His original name is Damini Ogulu and he is a very famous Nigerian reggae, dancehall, singer, and songwriter. After completing his studies in 2013 he gave a job interview in which he told to launch his own company and he fulfills his dream in 2014. Well, it’s too quick but nothing is more important than ambitions. After that, he never looks back and works hard for his dreams. He released few songs that help him to get love and fame all over the world.Well, it’s not so easy to get success in few periods only. It takes a lot of hard work and time. Well, we hope we can enjoy more Burna Boy Songs in future as well.



The last person on our list is Raoul John Njeng-Njeng who is also known as Skales. Well, he is a Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter. He started his career in 2000 and in the past 18 years, he gave wonderful songs to us. Well, you can still watch Skales Songs on YouTube with your friends and family.

Checkout the Contributions of Singers to the World

Well, after lots of hard work and passion only you can become a singer, but before that also you need a talent first. Without any skills, nobody is going to help you or support you so it is better to improve your skill first. Well, our music industry is a wonderful place because of this industry only we get so many artists that create wonderful and memorable songs for us. Normally we used songs to express our feelings to the loved ones. These artists explain any situation or feelings with their music only and it is the sign of a talented person. Well, we have lots of such singers and every week there are new people who released their albums to just prove themselves and to entertain people. Well, we are not going to talk about all of them because it is not possible at all. So there are few personalities who are really well-known and today we are going to discuss them. So let’s begin our journey with a famous Nigerian singer and songwriter known as L.A.X. His original name is Damilola Afolabi. Well, he started his career as a rapper during his high school. After that, he focused on his music to get more success and currently he is working with Star Boy Entertainment. He also won several awards due to his performance and entertain all of us. You can enjoy L.A.X. Songs on your smartphone and try to match his beats.



Another person on our list is Aramide Sarumoh better known as Aramide. She is the most famous singer and songwriter in Nigeria. She describes her genre of music as Afro-Soul. You can watch Aramide Songs on YouTube. She earned several awards due to his performance and songs. Her career started in 2006 and in the past 12 years she gave an immense contribution to the world and her songs never forgettable to anyone. In 2008 she was a part of a show called “Divas Unplugged” in Nigeria. In the show there all female artists and they gave a there memorable performance in that show.



Like her only we have another Nigerian, French singer, songwriter and recording artist in our music industry and her name is Asa. In Yoruba, her stage name is Asa which means “Hawk”. Well, she mainly did stage performance and get the fame. From his childhood only she wants to become a singer and she followed her dreams. Well, we hope a very good luck for her future and wish that we’ll get more Asa Songs in the future.



The last name on our list is another Nigerian singer known as Timi Dakolo whose nickname is Time. Well, he was the winner of the inaugural season of Idols West Africa in 2007. After this show, only he got the recording contract and work on various projects. He released his first single songs in 2009 that was the biggest hit. Well, You can enjoy Timi Songs with your friends.

Checkout Talented Nigerian Singers

We all know that music is the part of our life. The creation of music always brings change we can say that it is the sign of a change. With the help of the music, you can bring a smile on everyone’s face. You can create wonderful memories that bring joy and happiness to the people. Everyone is not blessed with such creativity, but few people create history and become ideal for other people. Every person can relate to music if that person can’t understand the words or language, but they definitely understand the music. But without musician how music will be created today so we are going to discuss few musicians or singers who create wonderful songs and entertain the world. So let’s have a look and began our journey with our first singer known as Inetimi Alfred Odon, who is also known by his stage name Timaya. He is the Nigerian singer-songwriter and the founder of south South hip-hop group Dem Mama Soldiers. He began his career in 2005 and from last decade he gave various solo songs and many music videos that entertain people so much. After the success of “Dem Mama” and he decides to release few solo albums. He worked with many other artists such as piano, George, Spankie, Akeem D Beat and many others. He also won several awards due to his music. You can enjoy Timaya Music Videos on YouTube and try to match his beats.



The second person on our list is another Nigerian singer, songwriter, and dentist known as Sidney Onoriode Esiri who is also known as Dr. SID. Well, he comes from a very well known family. His mother is a successful fashion designer and his father is the legendary actor. After being the child of such successful people it will be a pressure to prove yourself. We can be said that Dr. SID Songs were best and you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere.



The third person on the list is another Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter. His original name is Remick Abdulkalid Safaru, known by his stage name Reminisce. He performs or released his songs in two languages, English and Yoruba. During his school days, only he started performing at various school activities. After that, he focused on his music and he released the first song in 2006 and recorded a hardcore rap album of Coded Tunes, but unfortunately, the album was never released. In 2008 again, he returned to the music and after completing a decade he enjoying his journey. To get more inspiration you can watch Reminisce Songs.



The last person is also a Nigerian hip hop recording artist and record producer. known as M.I. Abaga, but his original name is Jude Abaga. Well, he is the CEO Chocolate City and also won the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards. He began his music career in 2003 and then never looks back. We can say that we have such wonderful artists in the music industry and due to such people only we can get such beautiful songs in our lives. Don’t wait and enjoy Abaga Songs.

Best Ghanaian Singers

In our daily life, we heard so many things about our favorite star. Media always find out some rumors to keep update the fans and for them only they have to take so many risks in their life as well. Well, today we don’t have such gossip things in our article that makes you crazy, but it is sure that you’ll definitely get true information about your favorite star. We are not going to misguide you in any manner. Well, it’s not possible to write everything from the stars, but yes few things we are going to mention here that you definitely don’t know or you can confirm here. Yes, it is true that there are lots of stars in our music industry and it is really not possible to write about everyone, but one thing that is possible is to write about few personalities this time and next time other celebrities get a chance. So the list begins with Charles Nil Armah Mensah Jr. who is well-known by his stage name Shatta Wale. Well, he is a Ghanaian born producer and reggae dancehall musician. His best song is “Dancehall King” that won the Artist of the Year Award in 2014. Mostly he likes to sing the song in a Ghanaian native language. In 2004 he releases his first album and after that, he never looks back. You can watch best Shatta Wale Songs on your phone and try to match his beats.



Another person on the list is Ronald Kwaku Dei Appiah better known by his stage name Bisa Kdei. He is also a Ghanaian solo singer and record producer. He is the first Ghanaian person who uses a movie soundtrack in his album. Well, he had successful collaborations with top musicians in Ghana, Africa and the World at large. He also produced a few songs in his studio only. Well, we can say that we have multi-talented artists in our music industry and we hope that in the future we get more such artists. Well, if you want to enjoy Bisa Kdei Songs then don’t waste your time, just search it on the Google and go ahead.



The third name on the list is another Ghanaian artist known as Yaa Pono. Well, we don’t have such information about him, but you he is very multi-talented and popular singer of Ghana. He worked with various artists and also give several hit songs. He is a very shy person and doesn’t like to communicate so much about himself. Don’t worry, we’ll get the information soon, but downwards you can enjoy Yaa Pono Songs and make your life more beautiful.



The last but not the least person is none other than Livingstone Etse Satekla also known as Stonebwoy. He is also a Ghanaian Afropop, dancehall, and reggae artist. He is also the CEO of Burniton Music Group and in 2015 he won Best International Act at the 2015 BET Awards. Well, he starts practicing for his singing since his childhood only, but after 2013 his professional career was started. You can enjoy Stonebwoy Songs on the internet.