New Songs Released By Afro-Pop Artists- Watch Today

Pop music has been loved by people present all over the world. The genre of pop music has gained popularity due to the amazing singers and musicians. Although we have got a lot of playlists to choose from but some of them just continue to amaze us. Here, we’ve attempted to bring you a list of such songs. One of the craziest Nigerian singers who have been creating records is known by the stage name Patoranking. He has always amazed the listeners with his unique style. Recently, he released another big hit and the audience is going gaga over his new hit. Go ahead and Download Patoranking I’m Available to enjoy his best hit today. This song is available across all leading websites for download.



Another big name in the song industry is of the famous singer named Seyi Shay. She has been rated as of the best female rising Nigerian singers in the industry. Her latest song is being talked about on all leading music channels. To enjoy her latest hit, watch and download Seyi Shay Bia Song from her music channel. Even the visuals of this song are stunning and no one should miss any chance to watch this song.  This song could be downloaded in audio as well as video format from any music channel. She has never failed to amaze her fans with her stunner performance. The song video has been directed by Clarence Peters and all pop song lovers must watch it today.



The next name on our list is of the famous rapper and singer named Wande Coal. Last year, he released a series of big hits and he is again back with one of such tunes. His new tune titled Turkey Nia is being loved by a lot of people and we totally love his style in his new video. Watch and download Wande Coal Turkey Nia Song to enjoy one of the best hits available today. All pop song lovers must explore his amazing hit collections. He has been rated as one of the best pop singers in the industry.



Another hit pop singer from the music industry is better known by the stage name Reminisce. His unique rapping style along with amazing lyrics has made him a star in the music industry. He just dropped his new hit titled Problem and we’re totally getting crazy over it. Go ahead and download Reminisce Problem Song to enjoy some fine music today. This song just makes us forget all our worries and gets all pop song lovers on the dance floor. His unique style makes us drool over the tunes of his latest song number. Some pop music lovers continue to amaze and rock with their style and he is surely one of them. If you’re looking for some fresh tunes, then you must browse his song collections. All the songs mentioned here have got positive reviews and music lovers would definitely enjoy listening to them.


Songs by Davido

We all know that music is a very important part of our life. It is not only the way to express yourself, but you can also connect with other people. Music especially used to create millions of hearts together and fill with love and compassion. We can also say that music is the way to express your tradition and culture to the world. Every person can relate to music if that person can’t understand the words or language, but they definitely understand the music. Today we are going to talk about such people who is a real gem of the music industry and due to their contribution people are enjoying their lives and express their emotions through their songs. It’s not possible to talk about each and every singer, but discussing few such gems is important so let’s start our journey with a Nigerian hip hop recording artist known as Davido. Well, his original name is David Adedeji Adeleke. He is a singer, songwriter and record producer. Well, he released his first single song “Dami Duro” in 2011 that gives him lots of fame. Well, he is the co-owner of the HKN Music, and he works with many other artists such as Naeto C, Skales and so on. He also signed an endorsement deal with MTN in 2013.



Well, let’s know more something about him. You didn’t know that Davido is working in this music industry at a very young age. His father is a businessman and his late mother was a lecturer at a university. He finished his schooling in British International School and for further studies, he went at Oakwood University. During his studies, he decides that he wants to pursue his career in the music industry only so he dropped out of the university and start preparing the music and also record the vocal references. After doing lots of hard work finally he released his first song in 2011 and after that he got many sponsors for his music and he begins his journey as well. After achieving a platform he completes his father’s dream and finished his degree in 2015. Well, he creates many studio alba but you never forget Davido – Fia album that gets lots of hits. Well, the original meaning of ‘Fia’ is fire and you must watch it at least once.



After this amazing song, he releases another song “Like Dat”. It is produced by his favorite producer Shizzi. You can still enjoy the Davido-Like Dat song on the internet. Well, there are two versions and both are available, you can choose any one or both. But we can say that his songs are really amazing and people love it. For many years has been entertaining us and he begins his 2018 with a new song known as ‘DJ School’. It sounds different, but it is quite amazing you must watch it once. You just need to search David&DJ Ecool-Ada and get the results. The second song of 2018 is ‘Flora my flower’. This man is going to make everyone crazy with his songs. You must watch Davido-Flora My Flower on YouTube or other official websites.

Wrapping Up:

Well, we wish a very good luck to the Davido for his future projects and hope that we get some more amazing songs from him and his company.

Songs of Kiss Daniel

When we were discussing the songs, then at that time we need to think that is it really possible that a single song can create a history or we can say that people make it super hit. Well, if we search for such songs, then we have a long list and in my opinion, each song is special and it definitely relates to someone. Another thing is most of the artists have versatile personality, and they create various songs and music albums to entertain all the people. Today we are going to discuss such amazing singers who create wonderful songs for us and always entertain us. Well, it’s not possible to include each and every singer in this article so after every few days we’ll talk about few singers and try to know more about them. Well, still there are many people who don’t know about such amazing personalities, so it is important to give true information to our visitors so they can get to know that our music industry is vast and is such a big place that we cannot even think about it. Today we are going to discuss a singer who gets lots of fame and love from people. Well, we can say that he is the amazing artist in the music industry. Before creating any suspense let’s talk about the most amazing singer Kiss Daniel. Yes, he is the one for whom girls can do anything. Well, you must know that his original name is Anidugbe Oluwatobiloba Daniel and he is a very amazing performer and entertainer.




In 2013, he signed a contract with G-Worldwide Entertainment and finished it in 2017. He creates many songs for that company and it definitely works and people love it. We can say that he started his career with such a big company and now he is working with other people and also released single albums that get lots of love. You must know that he never planned to join the music industry, he just likes the music, but his father encourages him and after completing the graduation in Water Engineering he joined the music industry and the rest is history. Well, there are so many songs sung by him, but you’ll never forget Kiss Daniel-4 Day song that he launches in 2018 only. If you still didn’t know about it, then just go and watch it.



If you’re following him on social media platforms, then you must remember that a few days ago only the G-Entertainment act has left the music scene and it becomes the sensation. People love it and it goes through the all social media accounts. You can still watch it just search for Kiss Daniel-Yeba and enjoy. Well, 2017 was the most controversial year for the Kiss Daniel, but still, he didn’t forget to entertain his fans and released another song named as Kiss Daniel – No Do. He makes the Christmas more beautiful for his fans. You must watch Kiss Daniel – Like the song and enjoy with your friends.

Video of Nigerian Singers

There are various people in the world who love to explore their abilities to everyone. They work hard as well to achieve their dreams and passion, but few people can only get success or we can say that they can earn the money and love from people. There are various artists who daily explore their abilities to the world and try to create something new and unique. For that, they have to work hard daily and always have to do the new experiment with their work. Well, if count the number of people on the list, then I don’t know that how much time it takes but we have a long list of such amazing and intelligent people. But today we are going to talk about a few people only. Because we have to write an article, not a book. So let’s begin the journey with Burna Boy. He is a Nigerian reggae, dancehall singer and songwriter. His original name is Damini Ogulu. Well, he has been working in the music industry for many years with his twin brother. Well, he also performed stage shows in various places and people always support him. He has worked for many years and in 2014 he started his own music company. Well, he creates many songs, but you must watch Burna Boy – Heaven’s Gate Song once and you’ll definitely love it.



The second person on the list is another famous singer known as Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun professionally known as Wizkid. He is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. At the age of 11 he started his career and after that, he never looks back. He won several awards during his journey. He was ranked 5th on Forbes list in 2013. It is pleasing to know that he is the first Afrobeats artist to appear in the 2018 Guinness World Records for his contribution in a song “Once Dance”. You must watch Wizkid – Manya Song at least once.



The third name on our list is Olamide Adedeji also known as Olamide. Well, he is a very famous recording artist and mostly he records songs in his native language “Yoruba”. He released his debut song in 2011 and after that, he gets lots of love from people. In the last 8 years, he released various songs and most of them are the superhit. He is the first Nigerian singer who signed an endorsement deal with Ciroc. So we hope that Olamide – Science Student Song get more love from people.



The last but not the least is Tekno &DJ Cuppy. Well, you know that DJ Cuppy released his first single album ‘Green Light’ with an award-winning artist Tekno. Well, this couple looks really amazing in the video, you can enjoy Tekno & DJ Cuppy – Green Light video on your smartphone.

Wrapping Up:

After reading this you must remember that success is not easy, you need to do a lot of hard work and sacrifices. Well, we wish a good luck to all the singers for their future projects.

Hit Songs Collection- Go Ahead And Watch Now

There are many great and big hits being released online every now and then. Although we’ve so many choices but we often get confused in selecting our favourite song. In this article, we’ve brought you updates from some of the best song collections. One of the most popular pop artists who have been creating hit records is known by the stage name Mayorkun. His name has often been associated with the best pop music released in the industry. His latest track titled Che Che has been creating new records. Watch and download Mayorkun Che Che Song to enjoy the latest hit. The video of this song is really exciting and it leaves us speechless. It must be added to your favourites today.

Another hit and popular pop number that has been talk of the talk the entire year has been produced in collaboration by Tiwa Savage and Wizkid. Two great people have come together at a place to create a unique musical record. All pop song lovers must listen and enjoy such hits. To enjoy this, go ahead and download Tiwa Savage Ft Wizkid Ma Lo available across all leading song websites. It has been released in audio as well as video format on YouTube. This song has made its way to the list of best or top songs that has been released online. The stunning visuals add to the popularity of the song.

One of the most amazing hits from the genre of pop music has been produced by the famous artist Small Doctor. Although he has already produced a number of songs but his new hit titled ‘This Year’ is making new records. Watch and download Small Doctor ‘This Year’ Song to listen to the best hit today. For this song, he has collaborated with the best producers in the industry to produce an exciting mix. If you’re a pop music hoarder, then you must add this song to your playlist. Just after the video of this song was released, it became a huge sensation online.

Another hit song number which is making records has been produced by D’ Banj. Today people love to listen to remixes and this song brings to us the same feeling. Go ahead and download D Banj Issa Banger to enjoy one of the best hits now. This is yet another best hit banger song released this year. We get bored by listening to the same type of monotonous tracks and such hit singers help to add charm in our daily routines. Such big hits are on the list of the best single tracks in the industry. There are many Afro-pop singers who are rising in the entertainment industry. Surely, most of them mentioned here have contributed have continued to shine with their incredible performance. All those who are looking for great pop hits must browse and listen to all the playlists mentioned here. Go ahead and add all these banging hits to your playlist now.

Singers In The Song Industry Releasing Funky Hits- Watch Now

Living in the era of internet and social media has bombarded us with content. We’ve so much to choose from that we often get confused to select the best for us. To update you with the best entertainment news, we’re here with the best singers and their list of song releases. Starting with it, the first singer that comes to our mind is Davido. This Nigerian singer has produced many hit records and playlists. Now, he has become a big star or name in the industry. Watch and download Davido Songs from his YouTube channel. His songs have been well received by fans present all over the world. He has thousands of subscribers on his music channel.


One of the best singers who is creating new records and hits is known by the stage name Wizkid. Till date, he has produced many big records and his fans are anticipating his next album. He has been given many music awards and he surely deserves it. Stream and download Wizkid songs to listen to the best hit available online now. People love his music videos as much his songs. He is one of the most popular stars rising in the industry. His music collection has been trending on all song websites. He has worked with the best song or music producers in the industry to produce great hits. Recently, he released a hit track and his fans have totally loved it.



Another hit singer and song producer who is creating records is known by the stage name Olamide. This Nigerian hip-hop artist is slaying all track records with his unique style. This could be evident in his latest song upload. Watch and download Olamide Songs to listen to some of the best hits available online. His songs are available for download in both audio as well as video format on his music channel. Such singers help us to stay away from listening monotonous playlists. We all need an eclectic mix of tracks and his music albums are a perfect example of this.


Lastly, another name on our list is of the famous Tiwa Savage. This pop singer has been given many awards for his incredible performance. Also, her collaborations with the leading singers in the industry have always produced some of the best track records. Watch and download Tiwa Savage Songs to enjoy some of the best hits being released today. Her music videos are totally exciting to watch. All pop song lovers must browse her song collections to enjoy some of his hits today. His song lyrics are as much enjoyable as his videos and this makes us love him more. In his latest song track, we could see him dancing to the fine tunes of his songs. She is currently working with Sony music and planning some great hits to be released soon. All pop song lovers must go ahead and browse her songs to listen to some sassy hits available for download.

Song Releases from Afro-Pop Industry- All That You Need To Know

All music lovers like to stay updated with the best songs upcoming or being released in the music industry. The genre of pop music is rich for there are many great legendary singers belonging to it. There are a number of phenomenal hits being produced by the singers of this genre. So, we’re here with some of such updates for our fans. One of such hit singers who is getting famous for his hits is known by the stage name DMW. After a long wait by his fans, he has finally released his single track titled ‘Mind’. Go ahead and download DMW Mind to enjoy one of the best hits today. The song has been getting famous amid all pop music lovers.



An Afro-pop singer who has been creating some of the best hits is known by the stage name Davido. He has been considered as one of the best legendary stars in the industry. He has a number of laurels added to his name. But he rocks with his performance in every new album. You should definitely not miss watching his new hit. Go ahead and read Davido News on any famous website to be acquainted with this star. He works very closely or intricately to make sure that the song produced is of brilliant quality. His unique style sets him apart from the rest singers or musicians in the industry.



Another big award winner from the same genre is popular called Wizkid.  This famous singer originally hails from Ghana and has worked hard to rise as a famous singer. His personal life has often been talked about on social media websites. Browse about Wizkid News on any famous music website to know more. He keeps sharing snippets from his life on his social media pages. Surely, he knows how to connect with his fans. We could see his fans showering love on his latest releases and it tells us about his popularity as a star. He has also produced many remixes in collaboration with the best stars in the music industry.



The last name on our list is of the famous singer named Olamide. No doubt that his name has become famous for producing some of the finest song tracks in the industry. Whenever he drops a dance video, the internet gets crazy over his style. Browse or read Olamide News on any leading song website to be acquainted with his personal life. He has produced some of the best song videos and it is yet another reason behind his popularity. His jazz and rapping style has been loved by a lot of people. He has been rated or listed among the best pop singers or musicians in the song industry now. His fans are looking forward to him to give live performances. He has an excellent music list or song collections and you must explore it today. Go ahead and listen to big hits released by this famous star.