Watch New Latest Hit Records By Great Rockstar Timaya

Great music gets all of us grooving on the dance floor. No doubts with that pop musician have been long associated with creating such sound tracks. The African continent has played an instrumental role in contributing an all new rocking version of pop hits. To talk this more, we are here to update you with new releases of Afro-pop singers. One of the most discussed pop singers is better known as Timaya. His recent song albums have been played like the anthem in most places. He is an award-winning musician and singer. Watch and download Timaya Music videos from his YouTube videos. His song videos are surely going to interest you much to watch it till the end. His songs are rated as one of the hit song lists trending online from the genre of Nigerian music.



Another big hip-hop artist who is making news with his all new releases is popularly known by the stage name Olamide. Since his first debut song in 2011, he has been producing phenomenal hit pop songs. Having received many great awards for his incredible performances, he has just rose to greater heights and we just couldn’t stop adoring him. His songs and music videos bring the perfect amalgamation from the best producers and choreographers in the industry. Watch and listen Olamide Songs from any famous music website or his YouTube channel. His songs have been loved by fans from all over the world. His popularity as a singer could be evidently seen with the likes and reactions which he receives on the release of his songs.



The popularity of this famous pop star is not just limited to his fans from Nigeria. His fans are present in each corner of the world. This makes us more curious about his song and music videos. For most of his hit songs, he has collaborated with the best producers in the industry to direct and choreograph his song videos. Download and enjoy Olamide Music Videos to watch the best videos from the genre of Nigerian music. His song videos just add another reason to the popularity of his songs.



An award winning hip-hop Nigerian singer is better known by the stage name M.I Agbaba. This pop singer has won many famous titles and he is especially known for rapping songs in his unique way. Previously, he has worked as a song-writer as well as producer and he has produced many big hits. Having closely worked with all the big labels in the industry, he closely knows the craft of musicians. Watch and download M.I Abaga Songs to listen to the latest hits today. His songs have been listed as the top most hits released by African artists. This just increases our excitement about the latest upcoming hit from this talented artist. So, explore these talented singers to enjoy the best of all songs released recently. Such talented artists remind us the rich cultural varsity that resides with all Nigerian musicians.


Download and Listen New Favorites Released By Pop Music Artists

There are many hit pop singers belonging to Nigeria. Most music lovers look for new pop releases to entertain themselves. The best pop hit generally comes from musical artists belonging to Africa. No doubt that this region of the world proudly boasts of their diversity and cultural richness. This could be well reflected in the songs which they produce. Here, we would mention some hit singers belonging to this genre and bring you all the updates from these artists. Talking of all such hit song makers, the one name which you simply couldn’t miss is Yemi Alade. Just after releasing her single, she became a big sensation in the music industry. Watch and download hit Yemi Alade Songs from YouTube. Her songs have been viewed by thousands of fans from all around the world.



The next singer on our list is Patoranking. A talented songwriter as well as performer, he never fails to amuse his fans. He has been given a number of notable awards and his incredible performances deserve nothing less than this. Download and enjoy Patoranking Songs to listen to the best releases today. He has been said to be a rising successful name in the song industry. Also, his collaborations with hit artists bring us all time new songs and we just couldn’t stop drooling over them. Having produced such hit songs, his fans are now setting all high standards for his upcoming new albums.



The legendary singer who has been producing hit songs, one after the other, is none other, Davido. His name has been long associated with producing the best hits from the genre of Afro-pop music. This singer has given many hit tracks to pop hit lovers. He recently launched a new single track with the name ‘Fia’. Watch and Download Davido Fia Song to enjoy the latest hit released online today. This has taken the entire internet by storm and there are already many discussions on whether this new release is a hit or not. His new track is a must-watch for all pop music lovers.



A new name that has been now associated with producing the best African beats is Small Doctor. This artist brings to us the best of Afro-pop music by giving his unique personal touch and experimenting with new forms, every now and then. At a very young age, he has achieved a recognition which most singers have worked on for years to achieve. Watch and download latest Small Doctor Songs to enjoy the best music available online now. He has also been awarded for such rocking performances and we surely couldn’t get over his recent songs. His stunning visuals and great song videos should not be missed by any music fan. When some of the best artists work, then some exciting music rendition surely comes up. If you’re looking for such song numbers, then you must listen to these great singers. Search for all the songs mentioned here and enjoy grooving to these tracks.

Watch and Download Latest Pop Music Hits- All Nigerian Artists

Pop music artists are loved by thousands of fans all over the world. They bring the best experimented song tracks to all music lovers. Most music enthusiasts look for pop songs to entertain themselves. Especially when it comes to Nigerian artists, they bring the best pop songs of the industry.  Here, we would provide all the important information related to hit pop music artists and their latest song releases. Starting with the best artists from Nigeria, one of the most popular artists is better known as Viktoh. He is one of the best rated musical artists in the industry. Watch and Download Viktoh Songs from YouTube or any famous music website. His songs have often been rated amid the latest hit tracks in the list of pop songs. Download and enjoy listening to them.



A popular Nigerian singer as well as song writer who is becoming famous with his hit track songs is better known as Flavour N’abania. His songs and music albums have become popular amid all music fans of pop music. Previously, he has collaborated with many big artists to produce hit songs. Watch and Download Flavour Songs in audio as well as video format to enjoy the best music available online today. His recent music album released early this year is making new records in the song industry. His song videos are so enchanting that you couldn’t miss any chance to watch them. No doubt, he is a hit pop song maker belonging to Nigeria.



A new Nigerian song recording artist who is making news with his all new songs is popularly known as Humblesmith. Previously, he has worked in various other fields and it was only after he realized his passion for music that he started singing pop songs. Last year, he even received an award for his hit single and since then he has been rocking all chartbusters. Download and enjoy Latest Humblesmith Songs from YouTube. This popular Afro-pop singer has a huge fan following. All music lovers who just love this genre of music should definitely listen to him.



Another hit Nigerian artist who has become famous for his song tracks is better known by the stage name Zoro. This sensational singer brings to us a touch of traditional as well modern music. He has also been rated as the top ten rappers from Nigeria. To enjoy his latest tracks, Download Zoro Songs from his YouTube channel. He has produced some of the best hits from this genre. His song videos are really interesting to watch. Most of his song videos are directed by famous song producers. His song albums have been appreciated by fans from all over the world. If you’re looking for pop artists and want to explore good song lists, then you must go ahead and listen to these singers.  All these pop singers are listed amid the hit singers belonging to Nigeria. Go ahead and download these tracks today to enjoy the best music available on any leading music website.

Listen and Enjoy New Hit Tracks Released By Junior Boy

Nigerian music artists never fail to amaze music lovers. The richness and diversity of their culture is reflected in their songs and performances. One thing which is common to all musical artists is that they love experimentation. They keep rendering new varieties of songs which is so exciting for all music lovers. One of such experimental and hip-hop singer famous for his songs is Junior Boy. Apart from his exciting song videos, he also uses amazing lyrics and he is loved for it. Watch and enjoy Latest Junior Boy Songs on his YouTube channel. He is one of the rising stars in the song industry. He has been given many awards for his promising performance and his hit song videos.



Another hit singer and songwriter belonging to the genre of pop music is popularly known as Oritse Femi. Apart from singing songs, he is also a successful songwriter and has written the lyrics of many hit song numbers. Recently, he has launched his music album and since then, he has become a big hit in the song industry. Watch and enjoy Latest Oritsefemi Songs available on his YouTube channel. He has a huge fan following on his music channel and his fans just couldn’t get over his awesomeness as seen in his latest music video. Go ahead and download his songs to enjoy the best music available online today.



A hit song writer who is now making records with his song numbers is known by the stage name Airboy. This singer, still in his teenage years, is giving a tough competition to other leading rappers and singers. Surely, he has been born as a talented kid and he would grow into a big name very soon. He was also nominated for the best musical artist of the year. Watch and enjoy Latest Airboy Songs by downloading it in audio or video format from his YouTube channel. His songs has been liked and shared by more than thousand of his fans on his music channel.



A famous feminine voice who rose to success in a short period of time is popularly known by the stage name. She has often been discussed for her bold feminine statements and her sartorial fashion. She started her musical career after auditioning for a reality show and then she performed in the studios in collaboration with big artists. She has been given many music related awards. Watch and download Latest Chidinma Songs to enjoy good music. Her songs are available freely on her YouTube channel. She has collaborated with famous artists for her songs and she has also been awarded for such productions. Music professionals regard her as one of the most gifted West African singers in the industry. All her love songs are quite famous amid all her fans. If you’re looking to hear a fresh voice from the Nigerian music industry, then you must download and listen to her songs. Explore these singers to get the best from the Nigerian music industry.

Listen and Enjoy Latest Yemi Alade Songs- New Music Releases

Afro-pop music is loved by thousands of fans from all over the world. The popularity of this genre is not just limited to people belonging to Nigeria. All such pop music lovers like to keep a track of song updates and we are here with all that you need to know about your favourite singers. In this space, we would provide you information about singers and their latest song releases. One of the most popular Nigerian singers in the industry is Yemi Alade. She has a huge fan following on her YouTube channel and her song videos have made her popular as a singer. Download and watch Yemi Alade Songs to enjoy the best videos available online. She is one of the best female singers and entertainers from Africa.



A young musical artist who has been producing some of the finest songs is known by the stage name Small Doctor. This young singer and rapper is making new hit records in the song industry with his crazy hit dance song numbers. Watch and enjoy latest Small Doctor Songs from any leading music website. His song lyrics are so good that his fans just couldn’t stop listening to it all over again. His song albums are as good as his hit singles and they are very hit on all music channels. Go ahead and enjoy his songs from his music website.



Another hit Nigerian singer and songwriter is better known as Patoranking. His songs have been rated as the best hit songs of the year. He has worked with many big producers and this could be reflected well in his videos. Watch and download Patoranking Songs to listen to the best music today. His song albums are quite popular on his music website. He works hard to ensure that his music videos are as good as his songs. This tells us that he works really hard to maintain his stardom in the song industry. His songs are trending amid the best fifty pop songs online. His single performances are also loved by most of his fans.



Another rocking female singer who is making records in the Nigerian song industry is Waje Omawumi. She is known for producing hit records and her choreography style is loved by many. This has made her a huge sensation overnight. Her song videos are always the main highlight as she uses stunning visuals in them. Watch and download Waje Omawumi Songs to enjoy the latest hits today. She has a huge fan following on her social media channels. She keeps her fans updated about her personal life through these platforms. After she released her recent song, she was listed amid the best singers from the industry. Often, she works with the best producers in the industry to produce her music videos and that’s why they leave the audience amused with its quality visuals. Go ahead and download all these latest music releases to enjoy some good music today itself.

Listen Latest Song Releases By Nigerian Music Artist

There are a number of notable musicians and singers hailing from Nigeria who are making remarkable contributions in the music industry. Although there are many singers in the song industry, but most of the hit pop singers belong to Nigeria. In order to bring the latest updates from the musical world, we have brought all the new songs at one place and shared essential details about them. One such great singer belonging to this genre is Mayorkun. Watch and enjoy latest Mayorkun Songs from his YouTube channel. He is taking the pride of Nigerian singers to an altogrther new level. Earlier this year, he had given a live performance and he was much in news for his incredible performance. His fans just couldn’t wait for him to give another hit rock live performance.

A rising performer who has become the favourite of many fans is known by the stage name Skales. He started his career by writing songs and then later started rapping his own lyrics. His popularity as a singer could be seen by his huge fan following across all platforms. Watch and download Skales Songs from any music website. He has collaborated with many great artists in the industry and produced hit songs. For his incredible songs and other performances, he has been conferred with many great awards.

Some Nigerian singers are so multitalented that they have not just limited themselves to singing and songwriting. One of such dynamic singers in the industry is Darey Art Alade. Quite in news for a long time, he has worked as a judge in a famous music show. He has produced a list of noticeable hit songs. Watch and enjoy latest Darey Art Alade Songs from his YouTube channel.  His song lyrics as well as videos are so enchanting that it never fails to capture the attention of his fans. He has become a huge sensation in the song industry and he has thousands of fans all over the world. Such talented singers tell us about the richness of the Nigerain song industry.

Another big hit hip-hop singer who hails from Nigeria is Timi Dakolo. He has won many awards from the song industry. Although he pursued his passion by singing in the church, he never imagined that he would come this far. No doubt that it is his courage and determination that has brought him such name and fame in the music industry. He has also won a local singing hunt in his earlier days. His songs has been rated amidst the top trending chartbusters online. Watch and enjoy latest Timi Dakolo Songs to listen to the best music. He has been awarded for his vocal performances and he has also been nominated for many famous awards. Many people just love to play his romantic songs and they have been listed amid the best songs to paly at weddings. All music fans should grab his latest releases to enjoy best music from the song industry.

P SQUARE MUSIC ALBUMS – Take the pleasure of listening to the perfect music

The biography records of P-Square shows that Paul Okoye and Peter Okoye are twin brothers. P-Square, which is comprised of twin brothers have performed on a number of stages and have shared stages with some of the popular names in the international music industry. They have released a number of records under their own label “Square records”. They are counted as the best R&B group which is of two members in the naija music industry. In the year 2011 they were signed by KonvictMuzik label which is owned by famous singer Akon. In the year 2012 these twin brothers signed a record distribution deal with universal music. P-Square were born on November 18th, 1981 in Jos According to this available date of birth presently they are thirty three years old.

Life of P-Square

According to the available data, P-Square’s parents relocated to Jos, Plateau State in northern Nigeria. Peter and Paul were admitted in a local catholic school St Lumumba Secondary School. Soon after joining the school Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye joined the drama and music group of their school. Their interest in drama and dancing led them to join these groups. They developed their singing and dancing skills there only. They formed a group which was a dancing group and this group was named Smooth criminals. They used to perform at different locations in the city of Jos itself when they were in the high school waiting for their course to complete. If you haven’t listened P-square songs then you should try P-Square new album songs for trying out naija music.

You can notice by watching their music videos that Peter Okoye is a better singer than his twin brother Paul Okoye, whereas Paul Okoye is a better dancer than Peter Okoye. Soon after the formation of the group Smooth Criminals they became a household name in the city of Jos because of their special dancing style. Most probably you might not be aware about the fact that thus the group’s name was inspired by Michael Jackson’s famous song smooth criminal in addition to that Peter Okoye and Paul Okoyewere diehard fans of Michael Jackson.

After that, they returned to their school for developing their skills on different musical instruments such as drums, keyboard, rhythm guitar and bass. While they were practicing all this, they gave soundtracks in a number of films such as Mama Sunday, Evas River, Moment of Bitterness and Tobi, the effects of which can still be seen in P-square songs.

In the year 1999, Paul and Peter Okoye applied at the University of Abuja for studying Business Administration. The group “smooth criminals” disbanded once the members of the group parted their ways for continuing their higher studies. After that, these twin brothers formed their own group and this group was given a number of names such as P&P, Double P, and DO Pees, at last they settled on the final stage name of their group P-Square. In 2001 P-Square won “Grab Da Mic”.

You can download P-Square songs for free from latest naija music sites one of such sites is naija music com.