WIZKID SONGS ALBUM – All you need to know about them

The real name of wizkid is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, and he is one of the fastest rising music stars of the Nigerian music industry. The biography and records show that the date of birth of this Nigerian singer is 16th July, 1989 and right now he is 25 years old. Like numerous other Nigerian singers he also started his music career and recognized his love for music in the church. His music journey started when he was 11 years old and at that time he was known by the name of Lil Prinz. He rebranded his present name in the year 2006 when he got popularity. You can download wizkid songs from a number of downloading sites. Wizkid music is soul touching and his songs depict real life struggle.

Wizkid recorded his very first album when he was 11 years old. The music producer of the album was one of the most popular music producers of Nigerian music industry OJB Jezreel. This album was a seven track album and it was released for the church in Lagos.

His songs are very popular. He collaborated with some of the best Nigerian artists, but in the year 2009 he got his first major break and soon he became popular because of his unique style and voice right after his first professional Wizkid album.

Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy is a Nigerian aware winning record producer, he is a songwriter and singer too. The real name of Don Jazzy is Michael Collins Ajereh and his date of birth is 26th November, 1982. Currently he is the CEO Mavin Records which was founded by him only in the year 2012. Don Jazzy songs have earned a lot of appreciation.

The birth place of Don Jazzy is Umuahia, capital of Abia State, Nigeria. Though he was born in Umuahia but Don Jazzy hails from Delta State. His family relocated to Lagos State and this was the place where he grew up. He schooled and graduated from the Federal Government College in Lagos. He started playing drums at the age of four and soon after that he fell in love with music.


The real name of D’Banj is Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo. He is one of the most successful and popular Nigerian singer. He was born to a church dignitary and artillery officer, because of his father’s profession his family moved several times in Nigeria and once or twice to abroad too. As his father wanted him to join army so he was sent to army school when he was 11 years old. At the age of 14 he picked up a different weapon than he was expected too. He decided to pursue music as his career. In starting, he faced problem because of his parents weren’t supporting his decision. He somehow struggled with his family and in the competitive line of music but he got what he was looking for with the help of Don Jazzy who signed him for his very first album. D’banj songs are very popular.


NIGERIAN MUSIC – Experience the best of the music

Nigerian music industry has developed a lot in the last few years and the reason behind this exponential growth in popularity of this industry is none other than the new singing talents of this country. They have contributed a lot for developing the music of Nigeria. Nigerian music has a variety of style and genres, some of the genres of Nigeria are famous worldwide and a number of international singers sings song which falls in these genres. The music style of this country is completely different from the music style of other countries and in addition to that the music of this country is diverse and all these different varieties use their own songs, instruments and techniques.

History of Nigerian Music

It has been proved that the music history of this country goes back to the 16th century. The bronze carving of the 16th century depicts musical instruments and musician. By this you can get the idea about the tradition and the love of music which Nigerian people have. Nigerian music is also called naija music.

Since Nigeria is the country whose singers have helped Africa to gain popularity in the field of music because of the role which they played in the development of palm wine music and West African highlife which is a native rhythm but know it has been developed. There are other styles popular styles which are unique such as fuji, juju, Yo Pop, and highlife.

The heart of African Music

Nigeria is known as “the heart of African music” because this very country and its singer are the main reason because of the African music style has developed so much and gained so much popularity. Nigeria is a country where young talents are pushed hard and supported to give their best and achieve the goal which they deserve. There are a number of famous Nigerian singers who have given a number of hits, which are popular worldwide and have performed by the side of famous international singers.

The main reason, because of which Nigerian music industry has flourished so much because of the passion of the people of the country for music. As mentioned earlier the singers are the main reason because of which Nigerian music industry is popular worldwide. You can now also do Naija Music Download from various websites now.

Another factor behind this increasing craze of Nigerian music and songs is the lyrics of the songs. The lyrics are meaningful and the songs of this country depict the real life struggle and instances related to real life. There are a number of popular Nigerian singers who have made a special place in the heart of Nigerian fans and the fans present in other parts of the world. You will be amazed to see the popularity of Nigerian singers.

If you are thinking to try Latest Naija Music, then you should know this fact that there are a number of options present in front of you in the form of singers. You should listen to Nigerian songs as they are soul touching. There are a number of websites such as naija music com from where you can download songs of Nigerian singers.

Nigerian singers are very popular all over the globe. Nigerian music industry has flourished a lot in the last few years, one cannot deny the role of Nigerian singers in delivering this result. Nigerian singers have contributed a lot to their countries.

NIGERIAN MUSIC ALBUM – Experience music at its best

There is no doubt in the fact that Nigeria has given the world some of the most talented singers. Apart from this Nigeria have some of the best musician and singers in the African convenient. In the last few decades Nigerian music industry has grown at an exponential rate. This very industry has captured the attention of the fans from all over the world. New generation singers have played a vital role in the success of the Nigerian music industry.

There are a number of new stars in the Nigerian music industry who have given this industry a new direction and they are taking this industry to the required goal of success by helping it to get a worldwide popularity. The singers of Nigeria have carried their heritage and have performed the best to deliver the best what they can for their country. For enjoying Nigera music you should consider the option of Naija Music Download.

There are a number of singers of the new generation who have climbed the success stairs rapidly some of the Nigerian singers who have played a significant role in providing the popularity to the Nigerian industry which it has right now are:


D’banj is also popularly known by the name ‘The Kokomaster’ is not only the most popular Nigerian singer, but he is one of the richest musicians in Africa. You can Download Nigerian Music sung by him for some great music. He gained popularity when he came into limelight with his biggest hit “Tongolo” which was released in the year 2005. This very song also contained Don Jazzy. After that he never looked back. Since then he has given numerous hits. He received the popularity that he dreamed of in the year 2012 with the release of “Oliver Twist” song.


He gained popularity right after the release of his single “African Queen” which was released in the year 2006. He is considered one of the most decorated hip hop singer in the whole African continent. He has received a number of awards for great work some of the awards, which he has received include 1 world music awards, 1 MTV award, 4 Channel O Music Video awards and 1 BET awards for his performances and composition.

He quit his studies for pursuing his career in this field. The speed with which he climbed the popularity chart forced him to drop the studies because of shortage of time.

Nneka Egbuna

Nneka Egbuna is a popular female Nigerian singer who is based in Germany. She immigrated to Germany as she was born to a German mother and a Nigerian father. Soon after moving to Germany she discovered his liking and talent for music. She records her songs in Igbo and English and her songs have received appreciation from all over the world.


The group of two identical twin brothers is popular all over the world. They present most amazing musical act in Nigeria. They recognized their talent while they were in the school’s music and drama team.

You should download their music for enjoying Naija Music. There are a number of Nigerian music download sites.

P SQUARE – One of most popular singers in Nigeria

P-Square is a duo group which is comprised of identical twin brother Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. P-Square has performed and recorded a number of albums under their own label and the name of the label is Square records. P-Square are one of the most popular and talented R&B singers in Nigeria. In the year 2011, they were signed by KonvictMuzik label which is owned by the popular singer Akon, who is a popular name all over the world. In the year 2012 they signed a record distribution deal with the famous South African Universal music. The data available shows that these two identical twins, who are popular by their stage name P-Square were born on 19th November, 1981. They hail from Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria and they are currently 34 years old.


The history of peter Okoye and Paul Okoye is as interesting as their music is. Parents of Peter and Paul relocated to Jos and they were enrolled in a school in Jos itself. The name of their school was St Lumumba Secondary School, which was a local catholic school. The identical twins joined the drama and music group of their school and this was the place where they identified their talent and passion for dancing and music. When they were in the high school they formed a group and the name of that group was Smooth Criminals. They performed at a number of venues in the city of Jos itself. Their unique talent and singing style made them a household name in the city of Jos. You can download their songs from Naija Music Com.

They have recorded a number of songs which have helped them in achieving the position which they are on right now. Their talent got the required platform in the year 2001 when they participated in the talent hunt show, which was sponsored by “Benson and Hedges”. After winning the show they bagged the trophy and in addition to that, they also received a music album deal, which was also included in the winning prize. The title of their very first P Square New Album was “Last Nite” and this album was sponsored by the same company. The very first album made them popular all over the Nigeria. For repeating the success of their very first album they started working on their second album. They released their second album in the year 2005 and the title of the album was “Get Squared”, their second album was released under their own record label “Square records”.

P Square Songs and videos always bags awards. The main reason, because of which their videos are famous is their dance. In every album you will find new and attractive dance moves. If you have any form of liking for naija music, then you should listen to their songs. You can enjoy the taste and flavor of latest naija music in the songs of P-Square. They are one of the famous Nigerian stars.

OLAMIDE SONG ALBUMS – A result of his extraordinary struggle

Olamide is a popular Nigerian rapper. His real name is OlamideAdedeji, he was born on 15th march, 1989. He was born in Bariga which is in Lagos state. He decided to pursue music as career at a very small age and this is the reason because of which he started his musical career at a tender age. You should listen to Olamide latest song.

A rapper who rose up by facing struggles

He struggled a lot and after a lot of struggle he bagged the chance to record his very first album, which was titled “Rapsodi”, his very first album was released in the year of 2011. His very first album was outstanding and the success of the album astonishing. The very first album of Olamide contained sixteen tracks. In an interview Olamidestated that in the year 2000 he decided to pursue music as his career and this was the reason because of which he is in the industry right now. Olamide Songs are popular all over the world.

If you are thinking that he has an unusual life from the stating than you are wrong. Before gaining any fame or popularity, he was a normal kid who used to stay in the city of Lagos. Even though his life has changed a lot, but he still admits that he hasn’t changed with his increased popularity and fame. Earlier, he was signed by the Coded Tunez Record label which is owned by ID Cabasa’s. In the year 2012 he lifted this label and started his own label with the name “YBNL nation”. Till now he has released three albums and two of them have been released under his own label.

He still lives in his old home. He has received a number of awards and is praised by the famous personalities of the industry because of his talent and decent behavior.

Dagrin whose real name was OladapoOlaitanOlaonipekun was a famous and one of the most celebrated singer in Nigeria. He was an award winning and popular rapper who hailed from Ogun, Nigeria. He used to sing in his native tongue and he used to inspire others to do the same for keeping their culture and tradition alive. This was the reason because of which most of the people used to see him as a great singer. He died at the age of 22 in a car crash. The accident took place in 22nd April, 2010. For remembering him and for capturing his life on screen a film on his life was released in the year 2011. The name of his film was “Ghetto Dreamz”. You should try Dagrin Songs.

Runtown is a popular name in the Nigerian music industry. He is one of the fastest rising stars in the Nigerian music industry. If you are thinking that his fame and popularity is bounded only in Nigeria than you are wrong. He is popular all over the world. The real name of Runtown is Douglas Jack Agu. You can download Runtown Songs from 9ja music downloading sites.

WIZKID MUSIC ALBUM – For music that will win your heart

Wizkid is a Nigerian singer whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. If you are unaware about him than you should know this fact that he is one of the fastest rising entertainers who is not in popular in Nigeria but all over the world. The data available shows that Wizkid’s date of birth is 16th July, 1989thus his real age is 25. Like many other singers and musicians he also started his music career from the church of his city. He started his career as a singer when he was eleven years old with the very first collaborative album “Lil Prinz” which was a big hit in his native town and gave him the popularity that none other kid in that town had ever gained. He adopted the name Wizkid in the year of 2006, in the year when he started his career as a professional singer. Wizkid songs and Wizkid music are quite popular.

A little about the music career of this star

Wizkid who is a Nigerian star, recorded and released his first album when he was eleven years old, the very first album of his was produced by OJB Jezreel who is one of the most celebrated Nigerian music producers. His album, which contained seven tracks was released in the church in Lagos. His growing liking for the music and passion for the same forced him to enter this very field. He decided to pursue this very career at a very tender age. Wizkid has given some of the biggest hits in Nigeria and his fan following is spread all over the world. He has worked and performed with some of the topmost artists of the world. You can download Wizkid album from music downloading sites.

D’banj whose real name is Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo is a popular Nigerian singer who was born on 9th June, 1980. He made this stage name by using his original name the first letter of his name and from the last letters of his title. His father was a military officer and his mother was a church dignitary. His father wanted him to pursue the military career and thus he was admitted to military elementary school when he was eleven years old, he was dis-enrolled for the school after three years because of some issue, after that he got admitted to Nigeria Navy secondary school, and from this school only he completed his education.

He was introduced to the music world by his brother named Femi. Femi passed away when he was seventeen years old along with their father in a plane crash. D’banj had to face a rough patch in his life when his brother and father passed away in a fatal plane crash. Though he has passion of music for a long time, but because of his father’s dream and the family pressure he was forced to pursue military as a career. D’banj is now counted among the best musical talents of the Nigerian music industry. You can download D’banj songs for enjoying Nigerian music. There are some other popular stars such as Don Jazzy, Don Jazzy songs can give you the Nigerian flavor.

NAIJA MUSIC – Improve your mood with some excellent music

There is no doubt in the fact that music can improve your mood. Music is a thing which is based on our beautiful imagination. A person either sees it as a medium to sooth the inner self and a singer sees music and song as a medium to translate his or her feeling to the world in the form of lyrics. Whenever a person is happy or sad he or she listens to music, though the type of music changes with the occasion in case if the person is happy than he or she will prefer listening to a song which is full of energy and entertaining, if the person is sad than he or she prefers something slow and soothing.

Listen to Naija songs

Songs and music have a positive effect on us. If you hold the desire to listen some of the best works than you should consider listening to Latest Naija Songs. There are a number of Nigerian singers and you can enjoy their music. Some of the popular Nigerian singer of this generation is Dbanj, P-Square, Olamide, Wizkid and various others. You can try their songs for developing a liking for naija latest music.

Details of some of the popular singers have been discussed below:

Wizkid is one of the most popular singers of Nigeria. In a very small time he has gained a lot of success and in addition to that has received a lot of appreciation for his work from all over the world. He is considered as a youth icon of Nigeria. He started his singing career at a very small age of eleven. Even after facing rejection and unsupportive nature of his family towards his career choice he kept practicing in order to prove himself to his family. You can Download Naija Music from song downloading sites.

P-Square is not a singer’s name it is a duo group which is comprised of twin brothers Paul Okoye and Peter Okoye. At a very small age they recognized their love of stage. In their school they were a part of the drama team. After joining the drama team they used to sing, dance and mimic the songs of Michael Jackson, MC Hammer and Bobby Brown.

After that they formed their own group which was named “MMMPP”. After that they also formed a dancing group which was name “Smooth Criminals”. This band group was formed after drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson. Their talent and skills soon made them a household name. After that they tried their luck in music industry and now they are one of the most famous Nigerian singers. If you have a desire to see some unique performance then you see their latest music videos. Their songs are categorized in latestNigerian music.

Olamide is a popular Nigerian singer whose real name is OlamideAdedeji. He decided to choose music as his career in the year 2000 and after that he has never turned back. He is counted among most famous Nigerian singers. You should Download Nigerian Music Videos for enjoying Nigerian songs.