The Quintessential Wizkid Music Album

Music has become a global phenomenon with people all over the world experiencing different kinds of music that are borne out of the various cultural influences around the globe. Because of the ease of accessibility, it is not much difficult to distribute music. Thanks to the internet people all over the world can keep track of music emanating or being produced from any part of the world through the internet. Music is the one particular genre of art which along with several other genres are constantly pusihing the boundaries of what constitutes professionalism.

Who is Wizkid?

Wizkid is actually the stage name for a well known Nigerian singing sensation who bears the name of Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun in real life. He started singing from a very young age, from that of just eleven years and is now one of the most successful names on the Nigerian music industry. Having gained popularity and fame at such a young age, Wizkid music is said to have challenged the age constraints that were usually associated with being a proper professional musician or singer. After having achieved recognition he is said to have released several albums one after another which have only served to further enhance his popularity and cement his name in the annals of the Nigerian music industry.

Wizkid’s album that was the debut album was titled ‘Superstar’ which was his first studio album. In the album were present several extremely famous and popular songs which made Wizkid into a singing sensation as these Wizkid songs found a resonance among people from the country as well as people outside the country who could appreciate his art.

“Ayo” is the name of the second studio album that Wizkid came up with and it too contained several singles which were important and instrumental to Wizkid’s name. These studio albums created a furore when released as it was made evident that Wizkid was a name that was familiar among the masses when it came to selecting artists or musicians.

Wizkid has been the recipient of several awards owing to his contribution to the field of music in Nigeria and indeed in the whole of Africa. He has been deemed as one of the most prominent musicians to hail from Africa. He is also one of the Nigerian singers who have fairly wide fan followings on the social media in terms of numbers.

The singer has also notably contributed with several other important artist and singers to produce exceptional music which has further accelerated his acceptance among the music fraternity. The psquare new album is also supposed to encourage a similar response from the faithful followers of this amazing singer who has attained the status of a superstar.

Dbanj songs is another category of music that is to be followed carefully since it has been in vogue and extremely successful in its own right. All said and done Nigerian music has seen a great deal of commercialization which is why singing sensations are emerging at a rapid rate to carve out a celebrity culture for themselves.


Wizkid Music – Music That You Will Definitely Love

Music is easily accessible throughout to the world via various medium of distribution especially through the internet. This is one of the medium through which we exchange our culture, society, need, necessity and angst. It is global phenomenon all over the world; people experience different forms and genres of music across the borders and beyond the boundary of language. Now due to internet people can keep a track of new albums that is being produced in any pet of the world. Music of a particular genre is pushing the boundary of the other genres and challenging the idea of professionalism.

Wizkid – A music sensation in Nigeria
Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, who is popularly known as Wizkid is a music sensation in Nigeria.  He started his singing career at the age of eleven and now he is one of the most celebrated and successful names in the Nigerian music industry. He gained popularity at a young age, Wizkid Music posed challenges to the conventions of professional music at that time.  After he received recognition he released several albums in succession one followed by the other that increased his popularity and cemented his position as a singer in Nigerian music industry. The debut Wizkid Album was named ‘Superstar’ and that was his first studio album. The album contained several extremely good quality and famous songs that made Wizkid a singing sensation. The songs found acceptance among the people from both in the country as well as outside the country for those who could appreciate art.

The second studio album of that Wizkid released was named ‘Ayo’ which also had several great singles which were important and was instrumental in making him a sensation in Nigeria.  His studio albums created uproar when it was released and it became very clear that Wizkid is a name that is pretty familiar among the people when they are choosing music or songs.

Owing to his contribution to the Nigerian music and obviously to the whole of African continent that he received several awards and recognition. He is one of the best musicians that Africa has ever seen. In terms of number he has a huge fan base and that is evident from social media.

The singer along with other African singers and musician has made notable contribution and produce music that is exceptional and accelerated the acceptance among the mass and also the music fraternity. Wizkid recently released p square new album which is supposed to make his faithful followers go crazy and consolidated his position as a superstar of the music industry and heartthrob of masses.

Another category of song is Dbanj songs that had to be followed minutely since it has been part of the trend and extremely popular in its own way. The singing sensations are coming up at a high rate in Nigerian music due to the commercialization and expansion of the music industry. The craving for celebrity culture is increasing and the industry is also gaining popularity outside the continent. Wizkid songs are increasing the quality of the industry.

Quality music is something that we all always crave for. Wizkid music will certainly be the music that you have always wanted to listen all your life. Just plugin the earphones, and enjoy awesome music.

NAIJA MUSIC ALBUMS – Experience the charm of the Nigerian Music Industry

There is no doubt in the fact that Nigerian music industry has grown a lot in the last decade. No doubt, Nigerian music industry has some of the most famous and accomplished singers and musicians on the African continent. In the recent years Nigerian music industry has shown tremendous growth because of the new generation performers and singers who are now ruling the hearts of African as well as global audiences. There is no doubt in the fact that preparing any rank list of all the Nigerian musicians and singers is a difficult task, but some of the prominent name of Nigerian music industry have been enlisted below.


TuFaceIdibia received instant fame and popularity with the release of “African Queen” which was his hit single, in the year 2006. TuFace is still one of the most famous and decorated artist of Nigeria. He has won a number of awards for his breathtaking works and some of them includes one MTV Europe Music Award, one BET awards, four Channel O Music Video Awards and numerous other.

He started singing and recognized his talent when he was enrolled at the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. As soon as he released his love and affection for music he left his studies and started pursuing the career in which he is in currently. The fame and popularity which he received justified the reasons for which he left his studies. You should download naija music and should listen to Latest Nigeria Music.


This duo R&B group which consists of twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye is considered to be one of the most entertaining and popular group which has emerged from Nigeria. They recognize their talent and love for dance and singing when they were in school only. They started their own group Smooth Criminals. The members of this group were Peter, Paul and their other two friends. After the formation of this group they did a number of stage shows in their native city and soon they became household name in Jos. They gained instant success with the release of their very first album. You should see their latest music videos, their music videos are considered to be the best Nigerian music videos.


D’Banj is also famous by the name “The Kokomaster”. He is one of the richest Nigerian musicians and he is also counted among richest musicians of African continent. He rose to fame with the release of his hit single “Tongolo” in the year 2005 when he was working with Don Jazzy. There are a number of people who thinks that the main turning point in the career of D’Banmj came with the song “Oliver Twist” in the year 2012.

All of the above mentioned singers are still active in their fields. You should try Latest Naija Songs in case if you have a desire of listening to soulful music. There are a number of other Nigerian musicians and singers who have contributed a lot to the Nigerian music industry.


If you are in search of something new and have a desire of trying some new music than you should try Nigerian music. There is no doubt in the fact that humans are deeply connected with music. Music is a way to transmit messages and feelings. If you are looking for something new and intriguing than listening to genres can help you. Naija music industry is one of the most popular and fastest growing industry in the world. Because of this industry only, Africa has gained a significant popularity and fame.

There are a number of popular names of the Nigerian industry who can be given credit for providing Nigerian music industry this position. Some of the names includes P-Square, Olamide, D’Banj, Dagrin and many more. It has been recorded that this industry produces more than five hundred fifty albums of different types of music annually. The record sales have tripled as compared to the last five years sales and industry’s stallholders have predicted that soon Nigerian music industry will one billion dollars by the year 2016. You should download Nigerian music from Nigerian Music Download sites.

Earlier Nigerian music artists used to get very less amount for their work, but now everything has changed. The new rising talents of this industry are getting the require facilities and their demands are fulfilled as they are helping this industry to gain the exposure and popularity which it needs for flourishing. There are a number of young generation’s singers and music artists who have helped this industry to turn into what it is right now. Some of the singers who have helped the Nigerian music industry to acquire the position which it is acquiring right now are. You can easily download Nigerian music as there are a number of Naija Music Download sites. You should try Nigerian music.


D’banj is one of the most popular Nigerian singer and musicians. He is also one of the richest musician in Africa. He rose to limelight with his very first single “Tongolo” in the year 2005. Soon he gained a lot of popularity because of his talent and dedication. The main turning point of D’Banj’s career came in the year 2012 when he released “Oliver Twist”. This song featured Kanye West.


There is no need to provide any introduction to this R&B duo group. They have played an important role in providing Nigerian music industry a good position. Their singing and dancing talents are unique and attractive. A number of people thinks them to be the best singers and performers to come from Nigeria. They started performing when they were in school. In starting they formed a dancing group Smooth Criminals which consisted of the twin brother and their two other friends. Soon they become a household name in their city. This group didn’t last for long and the group dismembered after five years. Since the twin brothers have recognized their love and passion towards music therefore they decided to follow this line of career.

P-SQUARE NEW MUSIC ALBUM – Enjoy the music of one of the best artists

There is no doubt in the fact that P-Square is one of the most famous R&B group of Nigerian music industry and the history of this music industry will never get completed without mentioning the names of the twin brothers of this group.

If you take achievements as a scale to measure success of an artist or a group, then for sure P-Square will always be on the top of the list which you will get. They have defied every odds and have helped the Nigerian music industry in getting a global recognition. There is no doubt in the fact that P-Square is one of the most popular names in the Nigerian music industry and all over the globe. Setting new records and rewriting the history of the Nigerian music industry is what this duo group of twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye are recognized for. They have started a new trend in the Nigerian music industry and the train of success of this Duo group is not going to stop for years. You can download Latest Naija Music from music sites, one of them is naija music com.

Theirlove for music and started when they were in school only. In their school they formed a group which was named Smooth Criminals. This group was mainly a dancing group, they used to dance and mimic Michael Jackson’s, Booby Brown’s and M.C. Hammer’s songs. This group was active for about five years until they disbanded. The group was of four members which consisted Peter, Paul and two other friends (Melvin and Michael), they later formed another Acapella Group which was named MMPP.

The group soon disintegrated as it was unable to withstand the test of time. This event left the two twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye on their own. After changing lots of name they lastly settled with P-Square. P-Square have proved their talent in the Nigerian music industry. The very first album gave them the popularity and fame which they were looking for. Their very first album Last Nite was released in the year 2003. There first album was recorded to have sold out. They became a household name in Nigeria for Naija Music after their first album only. With their hit singles such as Igbedu, Sinorita and Kolo they won the heart of Nigerian people and they climbed the stairs of success and popularity. In addition to that, they also won the hearts of a number of music enthusiast not only by their songs but also with their stage performances. After a long wait they released their second album Get Squared. As expected, this album also gained a lot of popularity not only in Nigeria but all over the world and this album was recorded to be sold over 10 million copies. You should listen the songs of P-Square new music album.

P-Square Songs music is kind of Afrocentric as it combines African and western rhythms together and they create a marvelous and appreciable blend of Dancehall, Hip Hop and R&B songs. P-Square songs are not only loved by young generation people, but it cuts every boundary of age and gender. This is the reason because of which they are considered to be the most successful Nigerian music stars.


On 15th March 1989, a star was born, whose stage name is Olamide to the Adedeji family. Olamide was given the name olamide by his family and Olamide means “Wealth has come”, in the case of Olamide this name was provided to him in hope more than certainty.

In a very small interval of time Olamide has gained a lot of popularity and his name has become a household name in Nigeria. If you aren’t aware of this name than you should Google it. You should search for Eni Duro, this is the breakout single of Olamide first album. This very song has helped him a lot in his career and it is now considered as an anthem, for the clubs, streets, conference room and lecture halls. His very first album whose title was Rapsodi was a 16 track album and it gave Olamide an instant fame right after its release. In the year 2000, he decided to pursue a career in the music field. You should listen to Olamide Latest Song.

A few years ago, he was a normal kid growing in Lagos Mainland. But with the release of his very first album “Rapsodi” he because a star. A number of popular names of Nigerian music industry appreciated Olamide’s work in his first album. Even after gaining so much popularity and success, he says that he is still that same boy and he hasn’t changed a bit. You can download Olamide songs from 9ja music downloading sites.


Runtown’s real name is Douglas Jack Agua and his date of birth according to his biography is 19th August 1990 which makes him 25 years old. Runtown was born in Abuja and he grew up in Lagos and Abuja. In the year 2002 he moved to Engua. Till 2007 he stayed there only. In the year 2099 he met Phyno and both of them moved to Lagos together and are still there only. When he decided to move to Lagos he was leaving with J Martins. He worked for a long time with J Martins. Runtown Songs have received a lot of appreciation.

You would be astonished to know that he wasn’t the same guy when he was in the school as he was never in the choir and he used to run from Choir rehearsals. He was a bookish kid and most of his school time friends still have the question why he finally chose music as his career. He used to play basketball but he says music stole away his heart and he decided to pursue this career.


Dagrin’s real name was Oladapo Olaitan Olanipekun. He was born on 25th October 1987 and he died in the year 2010. Dagrin was a songwriter, performer, rapper and artiste. Like most of the artists his start was also rough and full of bumps. Though he faced failure in the starting but he was determined to make his place in the Nigerian music industry and at last he gained the fame and name which he was looking for. Dagrin songs are soulful and they are mostly in his native tongue.

WIZKID SONGS ALBUM – All you need to know about them

The real name of wizkid is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, and he is one of the fastest rising music stars of the Nigerian music industry. The biography and records show that the date of birth of this Nigerian singer is 16th July, 1989 and right now he is 25 years old. Like numerous other Nigerian singers he also started his music career and recognized his love for music in the church. His music journey started when he was 11 years old and at that time he was known by the name of Lil Prinz. He rebranded his present name in the year 2006 when he got popularity. You can download wizkid songs from a number of downloading sites. Wizkid music is soul touching and his songs depict real life struggle.

Wizkid recorded his very first album when he was 11 years old. The music producer of the album was one of the most popular music producers of Nigerian music industry OJB Jezreel. This album was a seven track album and it was released for the church in Lagos.

His songs are very popular. He collaborated with some of the best Nigerian artists, but in the year 2009 he got his first major break and soon he became popular because of his unique style and voice right after his first professional Wizkid album.

Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy is a Nigerian aware winning record producer, he is a songwriter and singer too. The real name of Don Jazzy is Michael Collins Ajereh and his date of birth is 26th November, 1982. Currently he is the CEO Mavin Records which was founded by him only in the year 2012. Don Jazzy songs have earned a lot of appreciation.

The birth place of Don Jazzy is Umuahia, capital of Abia State, Nigeria. Though he was born in Umuahia but Don Jazzy hails from Delta State. His family relocated to Lagos State and this was the place where he grew up. He schooled and graduated from the Federal Government College in Lagos. He started playing drums at the age of four and soon after that he fell in love with music.


The real name of D’Banj is Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo. He is one of the most successful and popular Nigerian singer. He was born to a church dignitary and artillery officer, because of his father’s profession his family moved several times in Nigeria and once or twice to abroad too. As his father wanted him to join army so he was sent to army school when he was 11 years old. At the age of 14 he picked up a different weapon than he was expected too. He decided to pursue music as his career. In starting, he faced problem because of his parents weren’t supporting his decision. He somehow struggled with his family and in the competitive line of music but he got what he was looking for with the help of Don Jazzy who signed him for his very first album. D’banj songs are very popular.