The Quintessential Wizkid Music Album

Music has become a global phenomenon with people all over the world experiencing different kinds of music that are borne out of the various cultural influences around the globe. Because of the ease of accessibility, it is not much difficult to distribute music. Thanks to the internet people all over the world can keep track of music emanating or being produced from any part of the world through the internet. Music is the one particular genre of art which along with several other genres are constantly pusihing the boundaries of what constitutes professionalism.

Who is Wizkid?

Wizkid is actually the stage name for a well known Nigerian singing sensation who bears the name of Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun in real life. He started singing from a very young age, from that of just eleven years and is now one of the most successful names on the Nigerian music industry. Having gained popularity and fame at such a young age, Wizkid music is said to have challenged the age constraints that were usually associated with being a proper professional musician or singer. After having achieved recognition he is said to have released several albums one after another which have only served to further enhance his popularity and cement his name in the annals of the Nigerian music industry.

Wizkid’s album that was the debut album was titled ‘Superstar’ which was his first studio album. In the album were present several extremely famous and popular songs which made Wizkid into a singing sensation as these Wizkid songs found a resonance among people from the country as well as people outside the country who could appreciate his art.

“Ayo” is the name of the second studio album that Wizkid came up with and it too contained several singles which were important and instrumental to Wizkid’s name. These studio albums created a furore when released as it was made evident that Wizkid was a name that was familiar among the masses when it came to selecting artists or musicians.

Wizkid has been the recipient of several awards owing to his contribution to the field of music in Nigeria and indeed in the whole of Africa. He has been deemed as one of the most prominent musicians to hail from Africa. He is also one of the Nigerian singers who have fairly wide fan followings on the social media in terms of numbers.

The singer has also notably contributed with several other important artist and singers to produce exceptional music which has further accelerated his acceptance among the music fraternity. The psquare new album is also supposed to encourage a similar response from the faithful followers of this amazing singer who has attained the status of a superstar.

Dbanj songs is another category of music that is to be followed carefully since it has been in vogue and extremely successful in its own right. All said and done Nigerian music has seen a great deal of commercialization which is why singing sensations are emerging at a rapid rate to carve out a celebrity culture for themselves.


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