P SQUARE MUSIC ALBUMS – Take the pleasure of listening to the perfect music

The biography records of P-Square shows that Paul Okoye and Peter Okoye are twin brothers. P-Square, which is comprised of twin brothers have performed on a number of stages and have shared stages with some of the popular names in the international music industry. They have released a number of records under their own label “Square records”. They are counted as the best R&B group which is of two members in the naija music industry. In the year 2011 they were signed by KonvictMuzik label which is owned by famous singer Akon. In the year 2012 these twin brothers signed a record distribution deal with universal music. P-Square were born on November 18th, 1981 in Jos According to this available date of birth presently they are thirty three years old.

Life of P-Square

According to the available data, P-Square’s parents relocated to Jos, Plateau State in northern Nigeria. Peter and Paul were admitted in a local catholic school St Lumumba Secondary School. Soon after joining the school Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye joined the drama and music group of their school. Their interest in drama and dancing led them to join these groups. They developed their singing and dancing skills there only. They formed a group which was a dancing group and this group was named Smooth criminals. They used to perform at different locations in the city of Jos itself when they were in the high school waiting for their course to complete. If you haven’t listened P-square songs then you should try P-Square new album songs for trying out naija music.

You can notice by watching their music videos that Peter Okoye is a better singer than his twin brother Paul Okoye, whereas Paul Okoye is a better dancer than Peter Okoye. Soon after the formation of the group Smooth Criminals they became a household name in the city of Jos because of their special dancing style. Most probably you might not be aware about the fact that thus the group’s name was inspired by Michael Jackson’s famous song smooth criminal in addition to that Peter Okoye and Paul Okoyewere diehard fans of Michael Jackson.

After that, they returned to their school for developing their skills on different musical instruments such as drums, keyboard, rhythm guitar and bass. While they were practicing all this, they gave soundtracks in a number of films such as Mama Sunday, Evas River, Moment of Bitterness and Tobi, the effects of which can still be seen in P-square songs.

In the year 1999, Paul and Peter Okoye applied at the University of Abuja for studying Business Administration. The group “smooth criminals” disbanded once the members of the group parted their ways for continuing their higher studies. After that, these twin brothers formed their own group and this group was given a number of names such as P&P, Double P, and DO Pees, at last they settled on the final stage name of their group P-Square. In 2001 P-Square won “Grab Da Mic”.

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