P-SQUARE NEW MUSIC ALBUM – Enjoy the music of one of the best artists

There is no doubt in the fact that P-Square is one of the most famous R&B group of Nigerian music industry and the history of this music industry will never get completed without mentioning the names of the twin brothers of this group.

If you take achievements as a scale to measure success of an artist or a group, then for sure P-Square will always be on the top of the list which you will get. They have defied every odds and have helped the Nigerian music industry in getting a global recognition. There is no doubt in the fact that P-Square is one of the most popular names in the Nigerian music industry and all over the globe. Setting new records and rewriting the history of the Nigerian music industry is what this duo group of twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye are recognized for. They have started a new trend in the Nigerian music industry and the train of success of this Duo group is not going to stop for years. You can download Latest Naija Music from music sites, one of them is naija music com.

Theirlove for music and started when they were in school only. In their school they formed a group which was named Smooth Criminals. This group was mainly a dancing group, they used to dance and mimic Michael Jackson’s, Booby Brown’s and M.C. Hammer’s songs. This group was active for about five years until they disbanded. The group was of four members which consisted Peter, Paul and two other friends (Melvin and Michael), they later formed another Acapella Group which was named MMPP.

The group soon disintegrated as it was unable to withstand the test of time. This event left the two twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye on their own. After changing lots of name they lastly settled with P-Square. P-Square have proved their talent in the Nigerian music industry. The very first album gave them the popularity and fame which they were looking for. Their very first album Last Nite was released in the year 2003. There first album was recorded to have sold out. They became a household name in Nigeria for Naija Music after their first album only. With their hit singles such as Igbedu, Sinorita and Kolo they won the heart of Nigerian people and they climbed the stairs of success and popularity. In addition to that, they also won the hearts of a number of music enthusiast not only by their songs but also with their stage performances. After a long wait they released their second album Get Squared. As expected, this album also gained a lot of popularity not only in Nigeria but all over the world and this album was recorded to be sold over 10 million copies. You should listen the songs of P-Square new music album.

P-Square Songs music is kind of Afrocentric as it combines African and western rhythms together and they create a marvelous and appreciable blend of Dancehall, Hip Hop and R&B songs. P-Square songs are not only loved by young generation people, but it cuts every boundary of age and gender. This is the reason because of which they are considered to be the most successful Nigerian music stars.


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