WIZKID MUSIC ALBUM – For music that will win your heart

Wizkid is a Nigerian singer whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. If you are unaware about him than you should know this fact that he is one of the fastest rising entertainers who is not in popular in Nigeria but all over the world. The data available shows that Wizkid’s date of birth is 16th July, 1989thus his real age is 25. Like many other singers and musicians he also started his music career from the church of his city. He started his career as a singer when he was eleven years old with the very first collaborative album “Lil Prinz” which was a big hit in his native town and gave him the popularity that none other kid in that town had ever gained. He adopted the name Wizkid in the year of 2006, in the year when he started his career as a professional singer. Wizkid songs and Wizkid music are quite popular.

A little about the music career of this star

Wizkid who is a Nigerian star, recorded and released his first album when he was eleven years old, the very first album of his was produced by OJB Jezreel who is one of the most celebrated Nigerian music producers. His album, which contained seven tracks was released in the church in Lagos. His growing liking for the music and passion for the same forced him to enter this very field. He decided to pursue this very career at a very tender age. Wizkid has given some of the biggest hits in Nigeria and his fan following is spread all over the world. He has worked and performed with some of the topmost artists of the world. You can download Wizkid album from music downloading sites.

D’banj whose real name is Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo is a popular Nigerian singer who was born on 9th June, 1980. He made this stage name by using his original name the first letter of his name and from the last letters of his title. His father was a military officer and his mother was a church dignitary. His father wanted him to pursue the military career and thus he was admitted to military elementary school when he was eleven years old, he was dis-enrolled for the school after three years because of some issue, after that he got admitted to Nigeria Navy secondary school, and from this school only he completed his education.

He was introduced to the music world by his brother named Femi. Femi passed away when he was seventeen years old along with their father in a plane crash. D’banj had to face a rough patch in his life when his brother and father passed away in a fatal plane crash. Though he has passion of music for a long time, but because of his father’s dream and the family pressure he was forced to pursue military as a career. D’banj is now counted among the best musical talents of the Nigerian music industry. You can download D’banj songs for enjoying Nigerian music. There are some other popular stars such as Don Jazzy, Don Jazzy songs can give you the Nigerian flavor.


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