P SQUARE – One of most popular singers in Nigeria

P-Square is a duo group which is comprised of identical twin brother Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye. P-Square has performed and recorded a number of albums under their own label and the name of the label is Square records. P-Square are one of the most popular and talented R&B singers in Nigeria. In the year 2011, they were signed by KonvictMuzik label which is owned by the popular singer Akon, who is a popular name all over the world. In the year 2012 they signed a record distribution deal with the famous South African Universal music. The data available shows that these two identical twins, who are popular by their stage name P-Square were born on 19th November, 1981. They hail from Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria and they are currently 34 years old.


The history of peter Okoye and Paul Okoye is as interesting as their music is. Parents of Peter and Paul relocated to Jos and they were enrolled in a school in Jos itself. The name of their school was St Lumumba Secondary School, which was a local catholic school. The identical twins joined the drama and music group of their school and this was the place where they identified their talent and passion for dancing and music. When they were in the high school they formed a group and the name of that group was Smooth Criminals. They performed at a number of venues in the city of Jos itself. Their unique talent and singing style made them a household name in the city of Jos. You can download their songs from Naija Music Com.

They have recorded a number of songs which have helped them in achieving the position which they are on right now. Their talent got the required platform in the year 2001 when they participated in the talent hunt show, which was sponsored by “Benson and Hedges”. After winning the show they bagged the trophy and in addition to that, they also received a music album deal, which was also included in the winning prize. The title of their very first P Square New Album was “Last Nite” and this album was sponsored by the same company. The very first album made them popular all over the Nigeria. For repeating the success of their very first album they started working on their second album. They released their second album in the year 2005 and the title of the album was “Get Squared”, their second album was released under their own record label “Square records”.

P Square Songs and videos always bags awards. The main reason, because of which their videos are famous is their dance. In every album you will find new and attractive dance moves. If you have any form of liking for naija music, then you should listen to their songs. You can enjoy the taste and flavor of latest naija music in the songs of P-Square. They are one of the famous Nigerian stars.


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