NIGERIAN MUSIC ALBUM – Experience music at its best

There is no doubt in the fact that Nigeria has given the world some of the most talented singers. Apart from this Nigeria have some of the best musician and singers in the African convenient. In the last few decades Nigerian music industry has grown at an exponential rate. This very industry has captured the attention of the fans from all over the world. New generation singers have played a vital role in the success of the Nigerian music industry.

There are a number of new stars in the Nigerian music industry who have given this industry a new direction and they are taking this industry to the required goal of success by helping it to get a worldwide popularity. The singers of Nigeria have carried their heritage and have performed the best to deliver the best what they can for their country. For enjoying Nigera music you should consider the option of Naija Music Download.

There are a number of singers of the new generation who have climbed the success stairs rapidly some of the Nigerian singers who have played a significant role in providing the popularity to the Nigerian industry which it has right now are:


D’banj is also popularly known by the name ‘The Kokomaster’ is not only the most popular Nigerian singer, but he is one of the richest musicians in Africa. You can Download Nigerian Music sung by him for some great music. He gained popularity when he came into limelight with his biggest hit “Tongolo” which was released in the year 2005. This very song also contained Don Jazzy. After that he never looked back. Since then he has given numerous hits. He received the popularity that he dreamed of in the year 2012 with the release of “Oliver Twist” song.


He gained popularity right after the release of his single “African Queen” which was released in the year 2006. He is considered one of the most decorated hip hop singer in the whole African continent. He has received a number of awards for great work some of the awards, which he has received include 1 world music awards, 1 MTV award, 4 Channel O Music Video awards and 1 BET awards for his performances and composition.

He quit his studies for pursuing his career in this field. The speed with which he climbed the popularity chart forced him to drop the studies because of shortage of time.

Nneka Egbuna

Nneka Egbuna is a popular female Nigerian singer who is based in Germany. She immigrated to Germany as she was born to a German mother and a Nigerian father. Soon after moving to Germany she discovered his liking and talent for music. She records her songs in Igbo and English and her songs have received appreciation from all over the world.


The group of two identical twin brothers is popular all over the world. They present most amazing musical act in Nigeria. They recognized their talent while they were in the school’s music and drama team.

You should download their music for enjoying Naija Music. There are a number of Nigerian music download sites.


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